Our values

  • Our values


Mobitim bvba is a family business which has been active for over 28 years. Grown out of the furniture industry, we've been specializing in the processing of Corian® & Krion®, Solid Surface application. As a recognized processor of the original DuPont™ Corian® and Porcelanosa Krion®, we create tasteful customization with a very high standard of finish. Our activities are very diverse: from kitchen and bathrooms to garden furniture and restaurant necessities. At Mobitim bvba we always go for 100% customer satisfaction, this driven by our commitment to always offer the best quality and service within the agreed timeframe. Behind every company, there is a strong team of skilled employees, at Mobitim bvba this is no different. Within our company we can insure we all have one common goal, to deliver a durable end product whereas the customer satisfaction is key. Our long-term cooperation with many loyal clients proves this statement to be true.

Our strengths

Mobitim was founded over 28 years ago, but before Mobitim existed, Hugues (founder), already was experimenting with Corian® for several years. Trough spending many hours on research and development with the possibilities of Corian®, we can carry out the most complex commands without any problems.

Residential Market
Mobitim specializes in the residential market. The reason for this is that our priority is customisation and always delivering the highest quality possible.

Our planning and follow-up is very important to us, considering we often work with several other contractors at the same time on one site.

Aftersales service
Warranty and customer satisfaction are words that have a big value within our company. Not only by delivering the highest quality, but also after the delivery has taken place, we always strive to give the best aftersales service.

We have a highly skilled team of carpenters who we transformed into experts in the processing of Corian®. Up to the present day, we still work on new techniques to optimise our processing.

We are a unique company, not only for our professionalism, but also for our showroom. There is no other place where you can feel and experience our services and quality like in our showroom.