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Krion Bianco Classico

Designed by Mobitim
Pictures by Mobitim
Realised by Mobitim

Countertops in kitchen, Bathroom and toilet

Countertops in kitchen, washbasin in bathroom and custom washbasin in toilet.

Designed by Katty Ghekiere
Realised by Mobitim

Countertops and wash basins

Countertops and washbasins by Mobitim

Outdoor Kitchen Concept by Mobitim

This outdoor kitchen is completele made out of Corian Glacier White on a stainless steel frame. This unit will serve both as a bar and as a table where 8 people can take place to have a lovely meal. The unit is equipped with high quality stainless steel insulated cabinets where the food can be stored and kept both cool and warm and this without any form of energy. The drawers can be filled with hot water or ice and / or refrigerator blocks, in the gastro pans that are specially made to contain food or drinks can either be kept hot or fresh. An option for a cabinet with two bins is also possible.
Through an ordinary single 220V powerplug underneath the outdoor kitchen, there can be provided power on the waterproof sockets which are integrated in style.
The furniture of course can be fully customized and equipped with various appliances and integrated Corian sinks.

Mobitim offers plenty of customization for both the residential sector and the hospitality, healthcare and industry.

Designed by Mobitim
Realised by Mobitim

One seamless entrety

This is yet again an example of a perfectly seamless whole, this island that runs through two different rooms forms both a table, a bar and a cooking area.

Kitchen island with integrated table

This kitchen island is a perfect example of the beauty of the seamless characteristic of Corian!

Realised by Mobitim

Kitchen island

With this kitchen island the customer chose for sinks in inox.

Realised by Mobitim